A teacher with a big heart and an open mind revisits some of the doubts she experienced at the start of her career. This is the kind of person and attitude we need to turn education around, and I’m personally filled with optimism having read this!

Kids at SWiTCH

Dear Future Me,

(from my 19-year-old self)

This letter comes from both my heart and my head. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been teaching in a school as the student-teacher. I’m fine physically but mentally I’m unhappy and tired.

First, I was disappointed as I briskly walked down the school corridors. I saw invisible signs hanging across many classroom doors saying, “Heads, Not Heart, At Work Here.” From my observation, the objective seems to be creating a flock of obedient followers.

Then, I was frustrated because I don’t want to just teach kids about reading, writing and maths. It doesn’t make me feel good at the end of the day…. I want to teach kids things that interest them the most. I want to give them the space and time to create, design and build projects that they care deeply about. Am I asking too much?

Then, I was…

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