EduCoup’s Evolving Plan

Well, the tentative grand plan.

EduCoup started out as a blog but our intention is for it to evolve far beyond that. Here are some of the plans we have in the pipeline for the New Year.

  • Radio. By the end of December we hope to have a fifteen to twenty minute radio documentary uploaded. Next week I will be going into a local Secondary School to interview the students, teachers and principal on their experience of the current system. We’re also going to be doing regular podcasts on the grassroots coup come January/February.
  • Animation. Beyond that we’re working on a story concept for a short animation which would ‘show’ the process of changing education rather than ‘tell’ it. It would be a good way to spread the message efficiently in a colourful medium with a compelling narrative. Lauren, the EduCoup Designer (and my much loved partner) is going to try to bring this to life.
  • Workshops. We have plans to provide workshops in schools with the visit in a weeks’ time for the radio doc serving as something of a demo. The workshops would involve students and educators (as well as parents where possible) working together to visualize on paper their ideal learning situations. Essentially the workshops would take the form of democratic discussions on everyone’s experience and opinions on learning. Hopefully I’ll get onto the folks at Imagining Learning for some advice on how best to conduct such a workshop soon.
  • Learn-ins. Students and teachers boycott school for a day to hold a fun day/conference where everyone is free to discuss on a level footing how they believe learning should be structured (or unstructured as the case may be). It’s outside school but they’re called learn-ins because realistically, with the weather in Ireland they’re going to happen indoors… We may also look at the possibility of organizing boycotting of certain regularly held standardized tests. Though we will always favor collaborative and cooperative methods over coercive and subversive ones.
  • Video Documentary. Using footage from learn-ins, interviews and the workshops, as well as interviews with individuals and organizations blazing new trails, we feel there is a big opportunity to make an impact with a documentary.
  • An EduCoup Book. We’re currently working on an EduCoup book, it’ll draw a lot from the prospective interviews and other projects and hopefully tie everything together into a concise and digestible narrative.
  • EduCoup Global. We’re trying to Crowdmap projects like Incited and EduCoup, as well as like-minded people all over the world. At the moment the basic set-up for the crowd map is ready but we’re working on increasing its functionality and visual appeal. We may have to enlist some help for that as neither of us are experts.

We have our goals, now we’re mapping the course to attain them.

Essentially the form of EduCoup isn’t fixed, it’s meant to be a flexible entity that will change and adapt so as to make the biggest possible positive impact on the way people learn. At its finest learning is flexible and you learn something best when you over-learn it and learn it through a variety of mediums. Likewise EduCoup hopes to bring the conversation on learning and education to as many mediums as possible, as different people may find one mode of communication more engaging than another.

If you have any feedback on the plans for EduCoup or any ideas for what we could do, we’d be absolutely thrilled if you left a comment. Thank you for your time.


  1. If you want to visit a school that’s doing a great deal right, visit Abington Friends School at I am eternally grateful to AFS and to Quaker education for nurturing my children’s natural love of learning. They go to school eagerly and joyfully every day even though they are now in 7th and 9th grades. No school is perfect, and I whole-heartedly agree with much of what you share in your blog. Just want to make sure that excellent schools that are leading the way in educational innovation are getting deserved credit. Now, if only we could make excellent education available to all students, regardless of family resources…

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