Month: January 2013

Good to see. Pity it’s just one test but hey – slowly, slowly catch a monkey.

Portland Student Union

The PPS and Portland Student Unions will be teaming up in organizing an Opt-Out Campaign in which students are encouraged to opt-out of taking their standardized OAKS tests. The Student Unions want to send a strong message against to the standardized testing system as we believe that standardized tests scores are an inaccurate depiction of a student’s knowledge, have an extremely high correlation to a student’s family’s income, have a high correlation with race, are expensive, and in all are taking up class time that we could use learning things that are more applicable to our lives, as well as be developing better relationships with our teachers and peers.

The goal of the campaign is the send a strong message to Governor Kitzhaber, the Oregon legislature, Dr. Rudy Crew and the Oregon Department of Education about the importance of not standardizing our education system. “We need more community based schools…

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WaveChange Bootcamp For Young Social Entrepreneurs


WaveChange are an organization supporting young social entrepreneurs in Ireland. Every year wannabe young world changers like myself send in applications to get into WaveChange boot-camp, where forty successful applicants compete for the twenty five places on the WaveChange program proper. The program provides participants with opportunities to network, receive mentorship, and pitch for funding for their projects.

Last years participants.

Last years participants.

I’m pretty damn chuffed to be able to say that I actually got into the boot-camp, which resulted in lots of whooping and hollering and running around when I spotted the e-mail the day after the deadline for receiving it (I don’t check my e-mail as well as I should sometimes).

The boot-camp is this weekend coming and will be buzzing with different ideas and personalities. I can’t wait to hear what plans people have to improve the country and to get useful feedback on my own plans to kick-start EduCoup.

There will be a subtext of competition for some but to me I’m just looking forward to meeting people and learning. If I’m deemed good enough to proceed then that’s great and if I’m not, well hopefully I’ll learn some valuable lessons on why I wasn’t and on the plus side that just means there are young people with inspiring projects to which people like me can aspire to.

So roll on WaveChange – can’t wait to get in there and meet you all!