About EduCoup

EduCoup started out as a blog about the flaws of an outdated and inhumane education system. It is evolving into a more holistic take on the world said education system is a part of, why it is the way it is, and how to improve it. In other words, what started as a blog for rational and humane in an oftentimes cruel and illogical education system, is now a blog for same things in the oftentimes cruel and illogical world as a whole. It will probably look at topics like politics, philosophy, economics and so on, but often through the lenses of less ‘big’ things like video games, ‘sports’ ‘self-improvement’ (not in a self-helpy way, I hope) and other little things. Stuff that is possible for individual readers to act upon. In other words – anything and everything but always with a view to rationally making the world a better place. So I will try to always have productive suggestions in the content on the site as to how things can be improved, except in cases where the thing that needs to be done is simply for people to get up and give out about something, which does happen. Hope you enjoy the site, and find it useful.


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