Why I homeschool | Penelope Trunk Homeschooling

Why I homeschool | Penelope Trunk Homeschooling.

A simple, down to earth case for homeschooling. There is much in this that education, whether private or public, should be trying to mimic. While it’s not always practical (the point is made here that school is the worlds best babysitting service) for parents to home school, I know that raising kids is something I’m looking forward to in life, and something I want to do as well as possible. Point being, if I had kids who were old enough to go to school right now, I would see no local option that I’d consider good enough for them, and would absolutely be homeschooling them in the current climate, devoid as it is of more humane alternatives.

Also, a couple who are friends with my parents home-schooled their three kids and have raised three of the happiest, well-rounded and socially astute children I’ve ever had the pleasure of running around playing tag with! Yes that’s anecdotal, but this isn’t a court case, I’m merely recounting my personal experience.