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My name is Bernard Moran and I’m a 21 year old recent graduate of journalism, writing and making media about stuff I think is interesting and/or important, and sharing it when I think people might feel the same way.


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  1. i find it interesting and refreshing to read that some people actually want a change in the world. The media is destroying females all around the world and no one seems to see it. I guess its okay to be sexually empowered because when does one know if you are being objectified. Its a tough call to mnake because its not as easy to just say that thye nmedia is wrong ,maybe it is full of crap but it has its perks because obviously i feel that way growing up in a generation with our life being so socialized and public. i know that im all about female empowerment and i hate to degrade women, women must know their worth. Yes i stand for that but when i think about it , it baffles me becuase how does one justify if someone else wants to be sexualised, do we judge them , how do we say that companies are wrong when its a job and its putting a roof over that persons head. Yes dont get me wrong, i am totally against sexual objectification, its so pathetic to see women sexualized everywhere but irt has become so normal, so do we stop it or embrace it , and thats the question.

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