born to learn

Think your teenager is naturally unruly? Think again!

This ‘Born To Learn’ Animation shows how we’re wired to explore, not rebel. The school system suppresses our natural drive to learn and experiment resulting in the ‘grumpy teen’ stereotype, hanging out by corners with their hoods up and heads down. Teenagers aren’t wired to be moody, distant and rude – but they are wired to question things and experiment.

So when we try to prevent that natural urge which has been so important to the survival of our race, we end up with some pissed off adolescents. Its important to encourage teen curiousity by providing a safety net for exploration. Students questioning their teacher should be a valued trait, not a punishable crime. What if we had questioned economists and bankers? We could have significantly lowered the damage from the recession. Or in Ireland, where I ‘m from, if we’d challenged the authority of the Catholic Church we could have prevented the abuse of who knows how many children. The rebellious teen is part of the engine of societal progress, and should be mentored, not disciplined. Its time we reconsidered where the fault lies in a young persons misbehaviour. With them? Or with the environments and attitudes they’ve grown up around?

What do you think?