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Replacing Schools With Centres For Self-Directed Learning

Compass Teens | Centre for Self-Directed Learning.

Compass teens is an alternative to school – a physical base for learners to use as a springboard for their personalized education, be it through their own projects, internships, building portfolios or one-one-tutorials. Its a very simple idea and I believe that every community should have a Learning Hub like this. A place for all ages to go and share their questions and dreams with other, real, face-to-face people. Click on the link at the start of the post to check it out!

There is a lot to be said for, and gained from, online learning. But learning is a social endeavor and while I don’t believe attendance should be regular or compulsory, there is no available technology to replace the value of face-to-face interaction.

Compass is a wonderful example of a form this type of Learning Center could take. And it is important that the emphasis is on learning, which is something people do for themselves, because they want to, and education, which is something that is done to people.

This way’ education’ is much more fluid, it starts with and spreads out from the learner, and can be organized and adapted as it goes along. There would no longer be any need for oceans of red tape to be hacked through by lobbyists as though they were Sleeping Beauty’s prince hacking through the forest of thorns. After perhaps years of campaigning, to slay the dragon of the old curriculum, only to find something else was wrong, and would take another gargantuan bureaucratic battle.

This way there would be no need for a set in stone curriculum,  rote learning, standardized tests, boring classrooms, force-fed learning or dogmatic teachers. This seems like a far more adequate proposition than High-School.

Students could make use of online resources as was required, people of all ages would learn together based on shared interests, what was in their hearts and minds rather than the date on their birth cert. Rather than taking ages to set up extensive internship  and apprenticeship schemes these things could be organized on a basis. People could explore what interested them and learn skills as was necessary to continue their exploration.

There are some interesting points made here in the Compass FAQ, and I recommend taking a look.

It sounds good to me. How about you?

Why I homeschool | Penelope Trunk Homeschooling

Why I homeschool | Penelope Trunk Homeschooling.

A simple, down to earth case for homeschooling. There is much in this that education, whether private or public, should be trying to mimic. While it’s not always practical (the point is made here that school is the worlds best babysitting service) for parents to home school, I know that raising kids is something I’m looking forward to in life, and something I want to do as well as possible. Point being, if I had kids who were old enough to go to school right now, I would see no local option that I’d consider good enough for them, and would absolutely be homeschooling them in the current climate, devoid as it is of more humane alternatives.

Also, a couple who are friends with my parents home-schooled their three kids and have raised three of the happiest, well-rounded and socially astute children I’ve ever had the pleasure of running around playing tag with! Yes that’s anecdotal, but this isn’t a court case, I’m merely recounting my personal experience.