Ken Robinson Ignites The Spark Of The Learning Revolution


The first of Ken Robinsons spoken word anthems on the movement to defend the qualities that make children so wonderful, that are under attack by our education systems. Its funny, moving, eye opening and inspirational – watch it.

Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams Ted Talk

An excellent talk given by one of the worlds’ most successful marketers Seth Godin. From the origins of publicĀ education as a rehearsal for factory work to eight cures for our currentĀ educational conundrums, Godin is in full flow here. Don’t forget to check out his free pdf/e-book – The Stop Stealing Dreams Manifesto. There is a version for your PC monitor to be e-mailed aswell as a version for printing.

Baring in mind plenty of people including myself would pay twenty quid for this I’d recommend grabbing it as it is free.

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